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Are you thinking about a new housing? If so, you have a chance to go in different directions. We could appoint renting or buying an apartment or buying an old house with a view to reconstruction or realization of a completely new project.

27, January 2017: Are you thinking about a new housing? If so, you have a chance to go in different directions. We could appoint renting or buying an apartment or buying an old house with a view to reconstruction or realization of a completely new project. When one goes through all the pros and cons of all alternatives mentioned, they suddenly find that the cheapest rent. However, you should count on that money that might otherwise go to a mortgage, they will go into the pocket of a stranger or a company. This situation is absolutely avoid! Do you fear that you would for a new house without money or tighten mortgage? You do not have to! At least in the case of selecting a new house for the price of rent!

Choose a reliable partner

If you choose the right partner to finance and build a house, you can even have your monthly payment is lower than the normal rent! On the Internet and among the public there is a lot of views on this type of financing and construction of houses. Often we will get to the various negative assessment, especially in internet discussions. If you want to bet on a certainty or a company with a clean slate and maximum reliability for advice. Our tip is the company Low-brick houses and turnkey, Ltd. Also known as DDNK.cz. On eponymous website you will find many interesting type projects and the benefits that this company offers.

Once you’ve mastered repay the rent, the mortgage will not be a problem …

Regarding the actual mortgage, you can be sure that this company will help you find the best financing option for the entire market. Directly on the mentioned site, you’ll be able to very easily through an online calculator to calculate the total cost of monthly rent, or mortgage payments. All you need is enter a few details, including the price of building realization, land value, the monthly deposit and other data. Sami will be able to see if you can do really pay off! Also, you should reckon with the fact that houses are advantageous because of tax advantages leading to forgiveness 12th installment of the year.

Certified Specialist takes care of it

Already when choosing a company that your house will be key to realize, it is necessary to examine its reputation! You can do this very easily, just look at the certification, which has particular company, and has completed orders. Low-brick houses and turnkey, Ltd. boast mainly the fact that all construction processes are subject to the strictest standards under one of the internationally most recognized project methodology PRINCE2. The company meets German quality standards and invests in a variety of innovations and streamline construction processes. Designing and implementation of wooden buildings and houses on a turnkey dedicated more than 30 years. Likewise, addressing long-term optimization of financial costs – offers the best mortgage for 25 years. Of course there are other certification associated with the materials used for construction, which are still mention in the following paragraph.

First class building materials

The basis for each object must be of high quality building materials. On the construction of brick houses with low energy use of the right of burnt bricks Porotherm latest generation. Thanks to the guaranteed minimum energy performance of a specific object. Wienerberger indeed among the best known and most successful producers of calcined brickwork on the market. Provides, inter alia, the highest level of fire protection A1 and optimal throughput wet airiness throughout the year. Meets both the stringent European Union standards and standard EN 771-1 and other strict German conditions. When implementing wooden buildings is used by a unique structural system Neico. It is a patented and time-tested technology, US 4885883 and having the world’s long-standing tradition which has lasted for 140 years. It is used in both Germany and Austria, the United States and other countries since the late 19th century. Reliance by you on it 27% better thermal insulation and the associated maximum energy savings. When added to everything yet quality-certified wood Egger, no problem. It is a material that is used successfully since 1948. Among other things, subject to guarantee the highest quality wood, which is a certified FSC® C100308.

Low energy consumption commonplace

Aside from the already mentioned building materials at low energy operation also involved the building facade and insulation finish brick houses BASF Multitherm. It is a certified and highly effective solution that meets Swiss quality standards of the largest and most popular manufacturer in Europe. We should also appoint a concrete and stucco from Weber, which is subject to the production of strict German and Austrian standards. Finally, we can not forget the filling of building openings. It obtains the latest low-energy windows Vekra possessing forged titanium and microventilation. The excellent thermal insulation properties of the care-chamber profile and insulating triple.

luxurious interior

You build If a new house, make sure you really stand on some luxury gadgets for reasonable money. We appoint them to low-energy underfloor bathroom heating brand Korado. The system was successfully tested on 4 continents and in more than 50 countries. The company with experience since 1990, offers a luxurious warmth from the feet, which you will not want to miss. When added to everything yet plush bathroom Richter + Frenzel, arises the amazing sight. Stylish and functional fixtures type tub or shower enclosure you will do for many years joy. Other interesting features include a special internal staircase system to certify construction institute in Berlin. Specifically it is known European certificate of stairs from Bauinstitutu.

Upgraded warranty

Do you worry that they might some time things go wrong and you had to prepare a lot of money to correct them? Who would not have these concerns? For buildings from Low-brick houses and turnkey, Ltd. you can be sure beyond already appointed several quality certifications and guarantees premium. We could start when listing a total of 33 years of the warranty period applicable to the roof system from the traditional manufacturer of clay tiles Tondach. It is a unique all-inclusive deadline which accommodates all completely cover the roof with clay tiles. On the construction of your new house you get a guarantee for the duration of 10 years. Finally, we have yet to pinpoint all-inclusive warranty on any difficulties that you possibly can while living in a new house to meet.

Our tip: house key 49

Choose from DDNK.cz you lots of various type projects. Maximum economical yet comfortable solution offers a turnkey project House 49. This is a property with an internal arrangement of 4 + 1 and the total floor area of 92 m2. Choose an object you can also simple and covered parking, or a standard or double garage. Just imagine, for example, the price covered parking for one car is 129, 000 CZK + VAT. This house is made at a special guarantee repayment of 100,000 crowns.

For more information, refer directly to the company’s website Low-brick houses and turnkey, Ltd. http://www.domy-drevostavby-na-klic.cz. You can also inquire at the telephone number 607407507.


We help you and your family live better quality for less money. Get a low-energy house with a mortgage at the price of rent. We will help you from A to Z.

Low energy build brick houses and low-energy turnkey. Get a house key on the mortgage at the price of rent.


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