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Sunrise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and supplying cutter plotters in different ranges. All these products fully meet current international standards.

China; 26, January 2017: The use of high-quality cutting plotters is gaining immense importance to ensure successful culmination of various decoration and promotional projects all over the world. There are many agencies that are involved in supplying top-grade plotting devices of distinct ranges. Sunrise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is one such company which is specialized in manufacturing and exporting high-quality cutter plotters of unique specifications. The firm focuses on utilizing cutting-edge solutions to provide the most reliable cutting devices that successfully help to craft designs in the form of letters, symbols, and other innovative patterns in materials like paper, plastic, and so on. It helps clients to choose the right equipment without relying on third-party agents. All these products are available at a reasonable price and are in line with the prescribed international standards.

The agency is a reliable supplier of dual heads cutter plotter in varying specs to address the growing needs of the customers. Such devices usually feature build-in camera with new and smart automatic functions. These machines help to revitalize the craft of decoration and designing within short period of time. The high precision steel roller bar prevents slipping of the motor blades while cutting. These machines can accomplish any DIY assignment with utmost accuracy and perfection. Such equipment can deliver stable performance in all situations to materialize the dreams and creative ideas of the decorators. The agency also accepts OEM and ODM orders of different clients to deliver the most stable solutions in the industry.


The agency has also attracted limelight for exporting extensive ranges of camera cutter plotter that can easily cut all kinds of letters, pictures, symbols, and other designer shades without committing any error. Such machines normally feature simple and decent exterior design with various color options. The inclusion of LCD screen makes it easier to monitor the cutting and plotting tasks with complete attention to the minute details. Such machines are widely used in the automobile decoration shops for cutting vehicle graphics with complete accuracy. These machines have also enjoyed tremendous popularity in house decoration projects as well. The sales staffs of this company are always ready to provide timely response to clients with utmost priority.

The 720 Wi-Fi cutting plotter comes with a cool design and colorful LED light. The machine also features a rich and sensitive HD touchscreen to allow users to carry out certain adjustments before the task of cutting. It comes with an in-built high precision camera and linkage pinch wheels to ensure swift cutting on any material surface.

About Sunrise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd:

Sunrise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and exporting cutting plotters of varying ranges. All these products fully meet prescribed international criteria. For more information, customers can visit the website of this company.

For Media Contact:
Person: Mr. Sunny
Company: Sunrise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Address: 4th Floor A Building, Chunyang Industry Park,
Longgang, Shenzhen, China
Tel: 0086-0755-84565855
Email: sunny@sky-cut.com
Website: www.sky-cut.com


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