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For many students, they can attest to the fact that what they were able to write down in an examination was what flashed to their memory from the group discussion they had previously.

The art of learning can be burdensome at times. This is the fact that led to many reasons in approaches today to encourage the study level of students. It is especially difficult for a student to want to be alone on the study table in this info age.

The culture of group studying by students is a way to get off this boredom that is often associated with studying alone. With a group study, you have access to different categories of students and their methods of study which invariably may not be conventional but can prove to be effective in the long run.

The impact of group studies on students

Well, every serious minded student would tell you how group studying had helped him to improve in his academics. You always have something to take away from a group study no matter how studious you may be.

For many students, they can attest to the fact that what they were able to write down in an examination was what flashed to their memory from the group discussion they had previously.

Group study can improve your confidence and public speaking potentials. Your public speaking qualities are enhanced and you’re better for it not only in the academic but you’ll live to remember how group study improved you.

Group study makes you cover many topics faster if you are well organized. Each person in the group can be given a topic or two to handle. This way, much is covered in less time.

Study patterns in group study

Group study is an interesting way to study in that you are not boxed up to the traditional classroom method of teaching. You have the freedom to bring in methods though unconventional but can still yield the desired result.

Group discussion is king when it comes to group study methods. With this approach, the contribution from every member is welcomed and discussed. A moderator can be selected from the group members to checkmate excesses of members.

The use of quiz created either manually or through a quiz creator platform can be another exciting moment that can be added to a group study. This adds more fun and also interesting for everyone to want to be a part of. Groups can be divided up into smaller units to compete among themselves.

A debate is another activity that can make your group more lively and great.

Mock exams and how it helps

If you’ve got your group running fine, you can incorporate an assessment system into it by testing yourselves through mock exams before your semester or terminalexams. Though this form of examination usually come officially in the school, there is no restriction if you set up something for yourself like a mock.

With an available assessment tool online, you can get your exams set in no time and can even have it done over the internet if you are such organized study group. There is no stopping you on what you can achieve if you are willing to go the miles with group study.


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