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Choose your favorite model & customize your boots with our wide range of leathers, laces & soles for womens. Find best combination for Oxford boots you designed.

One of the most iconic creations of western civilization, the cowboy boots, dates back to the time of Genghis khan. Whether you wear them as a fashion statement or to work in those dusty desert environments, getting custom made boots can be quite challenging.However, it is also always rewarding.

1) Getting a hold of the right shoe maker

The first step in getting your own personal pair of custom made boots is to get hold of someone who has a history of crafting cowboy boots. Going to a western style store or an outlet, or going to a western themed event, such as bull riding or a country concert can be a helpful way of getting to know people who make cowboy boots or people who often buy them. However, in this modern age, there is another way of getting rapid access to custom boot manufacturers. Just Google custom made cowboy boots to find a list of companies ready to take your order and make your boots.

2) Knowing what you want in a cowboy boot

The next step is making your own list of features that you want your boot to have. The first and most important thing is the material used for making the shaft of the boot. Cowhide is the most common but snake, alligator or even eel hides are used. Remember, the more exotic the skin, the more expensive the final product. The type of heel to be used is also a very important factor. Heels of the “cowboy” or the “walking” type are more effective for riding purposes than heels of the “squared” type which are more suitable for cattle roping. The length of the shaft is also very important when it comes to comfort. Choosing a good design to imprint on the boots is also a very nice way of giving them a more personalized feel.

3) Knowing the right fit for your feet

Make sure that the boot you want to be made is of the right size. For this reason, you would need an accurate measure of your feet. This is easier if you make the boots from a local designer instead of placing the order online. A helpful tip is to make sure the boot size is always a half size smaller than your feet, since leather stretches over time and you will get used to it over time though it might feel a bit constricted at first.  

4) Pay only after becoming satisfied

Payment is always the most risky part of the deal. When ordering from a local store or a designer, make sure that the person you’re dealing with is trustworthy and has a history of client satisfaction. While paying online, make sure that the website is authentic and the payment method is secure.

Whatever your choice may be, make sure to properly think about it first and get a proper idea of what you want. Know well what you need to make the end product very rewarding.


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Getting Custom Made Boots is the best option because you can get both comfort and ease aside of following your own fashion and style. Read more.


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