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Fashion has become not just an accessory, but an essential part of life in this modern world where it is always appreciated. The global footwear market is worth 208 billion USD and is expanding rapidly with the leading vendors focusing on product differentiation and capitalizing on the opportunities in the emerging markets. New trends and styles are rapidly emerging in the industry, leading to the availability of more choices for the consumers. Customisation is one such trend sweeping the fashion arena though it is difficult to master. Although the clothing giant Levi’s has unsuccessfully attempted customisation with their Revolutionary Fit System, several footwear makers, such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok have been successful with the concept. Thanks to the advent of new technology, any customer can now try the customised product virtually even before ordering one. Read on to know the advantages of customised shoes.

1. You get what you want

Fashion is a word more commonly associated with women than men, But surprisingly, men have more customisation options than women. The fact that tailoring for men is still a very successful business vouches for this statement. However, women have more need for customisation than men do and it is challenging to cater their needs. In the ever-evolving fashion industry, fashion vendors have launched numerous platforms recently to design one’s shoes. Customers can design and create shoes for their specific needs using these platforms. The customisation options include material, colour, style and even the height of the heel. With ‘shoe builders,’ customers can wave goodbye to the ‘one make fits all’ days and virtually try their own creation before ordering.

2. Customised shoes are perfect for wedding days

Wedding day is a big day for the soon to be married couples. Brides in particular have big dreams of clothing and accessories that they wear on that day. Thanks to the customisation option, they now have a wider choice of designs available to make a perfect set they wish to wear. Since women are sensitive and meticulous, they can opt for shoes designed by themselves to distinguish themselves on the day.

3. Wave of the future:

Evolution of the fashion industry is revolutionary, from brick and mortar shops to online shopping. People are always sceptical of new technology, but online shopping is not going to vanish anyway. Online customisation has made it possible for people to realise their dreams and design their signature outfits, which is not different for foot wear. With the realisation that people can have exactly the look or design they wish for, customised shoes will surely be the wave of the future.


Fashion has become a necessity rather than a luxury. People are resorting to fashionable wear to assert their personality in an increasingly competitive arena. Technology has made it possible for us to dress fashionably and design our own clothes and shoes; both for comfort and exclusive look. Try it since you never know what lies in store- literally and physically!


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