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In today's fast moving business scenario, ease of access, quick decision and the opportunity to connect from any place in your company is becoming much more essential for enterprise success. If clients are not able to reach the individual they are se

In today's fast moving business scenario, ease of access, quick decision and the opportunity to connect from any place in your company is becoming much more essential for enterprise success. If clients are not able to reach the individual they are searching for or maybe a staff member can't speak to a other colleague, customer satisfaction and efficiency could suffer consequently.

The iServ IP DECT offers cost-effective, scalable on-site remedy for workersmobility; Enablingyou to give a device to your employees that enables them to keep in-touch with fellow workers and clients anytime they are away from their workplace, thus maintaining customer satisfaction and staff productivity.With all the current benefits associated with Ip address, the iServ DECT phonesenables communication without compromising in speech standard or quality and protection.

Why opt for iServ DECT Phones?

  • Economical and scalable remedy
  • Spend as you utilize
  • Cut costs in comparison to a traditional PBX solution
  • Mix among traditional DECT and wideband audio
  • Over the air synchronisation
  • Easy handover
  • Easy installation

The iServ 8830 DECT Wi-Fi handset offers built-in text messaging, emergency move-out button, it is designed for a variety of consumer verticals, however, not confined to Gov. facilities, hospitals, old age care facilities, big warehouse, mariners, bars and night clubs and correctional amenities. There are additional safety features for those consumers working on your own with 5 different alarms, you will find several methods with which handset can trigger text message when emergency support is necessary.

Main Features

  • DECT GAP / Cover / Bottom station
  • Wideband Voice (HDSP) Simple and Extended
  • Around the world Radio strength
  • Scalable system from 1 to 40 bases
  • 200 users (200 handsets registered)
  • Control of Ethernet
  • Over the Air synchronization
  • Assist software program download to Wi-Fi terminals
  • Lightweight design and style with LED indicator
  • Repeater support with seamless handover

Iserv’s Digital Voice for Enterprise brings your telecommunications into one service. Designed particularly for use on all-electronic community, Iserv Electronic Voice relieves you and the company using the service fromreddish-tape run-around or complex billing headache.

By merging an advanced-level of telephone service that includes nearby and long-distance calls with higher-speed electronic digital broadband, Iserv not merely helps you save cash, it provides you with a much better way to keep speed in today’s corporate environment.

Benefits of iServDect phones

Better mobile phone service - crystal clear, trustworthy relationships as easy as obtaining the telephone

Spend less on all your communication needs - Blend your web and telephone service into a single service, with no huge expenses or reddish adhesive tape

In-house Customer Support - Contact professionals at Iserv seven days per week on the phone or email


Sync data across all devices. Are you having difficulties to manage worker devices on your own system? With the BYOD effort becoming popular, there is an increased chance in insecure enterprise data floating. Mobile Device Management implements a secure and backed approach over computers, pc tablets, and mobile phones without restricting mobility.Iserv works with you to make a customized dashboard to manage your entire mobile and static labour force. Regardless of whether you need fundamental business mobile phone inventory control or perhaps an advanced work station control system, it covers all.a

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iServ DECT Phones enables communication without compromising in speech standard or quality and protection.To know more information regarding our services at  https://miadistribution.com.au/



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