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Epygi has a large number of products that can help your company in achieving outstanding advantages beside a whole choice of features at cost-effective rates. By using this, your company can enhance its productivity, bring down the cost of operation



Epygi Technologies have been the first in the manufacture of IP PBX which is used in medium sized as well as smaller markets.  They have continued to lead in the telephone industry and are providers the world over in Gateways and IP PBXs. The company was started with the idea of providing all companies irrespective of their size to have cost –effective VoIP technology.

What Epygi Technologies Offer?

Epygi has a large number of products that can help your company in achieving outstanding advantages beside a whole choice of features at cost-effective rates. By using this, your company can enhance its productivity, bring down the cost of operation and improve its image. Egygi wants to help you with their team so that you will never understand how you managed without their help. They are dedicated to supreme improvement, better service and reliable manufacturing.

They have a whole range of specialties which include Unified communications, telecommunications, Contact Centre solutions, VoIP, IP PBX and Gateways as well as Video and Audio Conferencing.Egypi has IPBXs that are cost effective, flexible and reliable to help medium sized and small businesses with their communication requirements with home offices as well as branches. They provide support in normal PSTN lines as well as VoIP. This can be easily managed by connecting EgypiQuadro to the Internet  service to broadband and within few minutes make voice over calls.


How Does EgypiiPBX Help?

The center of the Quadro is the CPU which runs the Linux software. The CPU conserves the interfaces as well as the state by using FXS and FXO ports to start or wind up voice calls. The CPU carries on the PBX jobs of holding calls, transferring calls, 3 way connecting as well as call statistics. Voice is also sent by the CPU with the help of the signal processor ,which is digital to voice compression.

Quadro can also perform the function of forwarding calls as well as routing. Since Quadro has instructions for routing, people who are not in the office can be easily contacted. Communication has never been as versatile, convenient or cheap.Quadro is provided with an ID caller which is also programmed with mobile phone number or another phone numberat which you can be contacted. When you dial an associate’s extension Quadro will direct the call through the best possible route.

The Working of the Quadro

Quadro has the power to use both the local phone lines as well as VoIP lines so that you can save on additional charges on calls. Quadro is provided with a safety feature which works in the event of power failure. When power is off one line quickly attaches to the public phone connection. The voice that passes through the digital signal processor of the Quadro will as good as  the present  voice that  is being used in long distance  calls.

Quadro has a lot of attractive features which includes a firewall as well as private network for private voice which is secure. There is also auto attendant and data communication, joint messaging features for FAX as well as Voice Mail and a lot more which can provide the company with an enhanced image and amazing VoIP service at very affordable cost.


About the Author:

Epygi QX200 has never been as versatile, convenient or cheap. To know more information regarding our services at https://miadistribution.com.au/


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