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God and Grace is a new Christian ministry that aims of showing the marvels of Lord carried to people by His sacrifices on the cross.

14, January 2017: God and Grace is a new Christian ministry that aims of showing the marvels of Lord carried to people by His sacrifices on the cross.

Grace summarizes all that it is from God to us, and the destination of grace is glory. Both grace and glory are packed up in God’s Word. The Church is up until now to believe what the Lord has said, to find the answer to main question “Who am I?” There’s one thing which is needful for human being in this world - His Word.

For years, God and Grace have been equipping the minister to vie for the faith. Patrick Oben and Suzy hearts are for teaching and sharing the trust of the Lord with those false cults, ideas as well as religions.

God and Grace invite everyone to discover the various resources accessible on their site. The free articles, audio as well as video links will give men and women many useful tools for growing their faith as well as for reaching out to their brothers and sisters.

God and Grace Ministry was discovered by Patrick Oben and Suzy with one worthy purpose. This is to share the treasure of Lord’s grace as well as glory with Christ Body. God and Grace website will serve as a platform for teaching blogs, faith to faith, video and audio and devotional educations and legalism. It will continuously be updated with fresh articles therefore it will be useful and meaningful signing up for newsletter for fresh blogs and articles added.

God and Grace define faith as a trust or confidence in a thing or in a person; or the rite of an responsibility from devotion; or faithfulness to a person, promise as well as engagement; or a faith not based on testimony and proof, or it might refer to a specific system of spiritual belief, wherein faith is self-assurance based on some professed level of warrant.”

“We take pleasure in reading from our guests. We would like to hear your part! You can leave a comment or utilize the Contact Us form on our site to allow us know how this website help you. If you want Patrick to be your guests in an event, just use the Contact Us form on our site. We will respond right away” Suzy!

For more information about God and Grace Ministry please feel free to visit their site or customer Patrick Oben or Suzy at https://patrickoben.com/.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Patrick Oben
Company: Glory & Grace
Address: 914 N Elm St
Ottumwa, IA 52501 USA
Website: https://patrickoben.com/


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