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One of North America’s leading experts on Champagne, Liz Palmer wrote The Ultimate Guide To Champagne with a strong personal passion for Champagne and the region.

12, January 2017: One of North America’s leading experts on Champagne, Liz Palmer wrote The Ultimate Guide To Champagne with a strong personal passion for Champagne and the region. This ground- breaking book has received critical acclaim by the industry and promises to WOW the reader.

Liz Palmer’s first book takes wine lovers to the heart of Champagne with the launch of The Ultimate Guide To Champagne. One of North America’s leading experts on Champagne, Liz Palmer wrote The Ultimate Guide To Champagne with a strong personal passion for Champagne and the region.

This ground-breaking book has received critical acclaim by the industry and promises to wow the reader.

There is much more to champagne than the drink - Champagne is named after the region where it is grown, fermented and bottled. This essential guide takes you to this region, explores its culture and honors its history.

The Ultimate Guide To Champagne is highly recommended for everyone, from beginners to experts. It’s a remarkable point of reference into which any wine lover or professional can dip in and browse.

“The Champagne Bible for ALL wine lovers.”

Unlike any other book about Champagne, The Ultimate Guide To Champagne is the most comprehensive and visually stunning guide you’ll ever come across - in these pages you’ll discover: 316 pages including over 220 Engaging Photos, Maps, Detailed Charts, and Historical Anecdotes.

Liz Palmer’s The Ultimate Guide To Champagne has garnered praise from numerous influential wine journalists, and other industry peers:

“Liz, What a beautiful book!”
Fre´de´ricMairesse -- Managing Director, Champagne Barons de Rothschild

“Liz, What a huge and fantastic work! Your book is a perfect achievement. Very complete, beautifully designed, clear and well written. It will be a “must have” for wine lovers but not only them. Sure it will have the biggest success. My warmest congratulations for this remarkable contribution to Champagne prestige.” Representative of Comite´ Champagne

“Amongst well-known champagne authors like Michael Edwards and Tom Stevenson from the UK we can now add Liz Palmer from Canada. The ‘Ultimate Guide to Champagne’ is so comprehensive that Liz must has lived and worked like a monk the past years when she wrote it.

The ‘Ultimate Guide to Champagne’ has 22 chapters and three appendices. Nothing has been taken for granted - All facts have been checked and double checked. The book has topics on sustainability, economics, wine tourism, harvest, women in champagne, etiquette and style - whatever you are looking for, you will find it in this book! It is well-written and is perfect for your nightstand! If it’s not on your nightstand, put it somewhere so you have easy access! I really loved it!”
Dr. Charlotte van Zummeren WA - winebusiness.nl, International Wine Judge – Netherlands

“You can judge this book by its cover. The title might be considered a hostage to fortune but it is not an idle boast, this really is a thorough and complete guide to Champagne the region and champagne the wine. You can ‘cover-judge’ it further by the simple, stylish design, which heralds similar style in the layout and presentation of every page that follows. It’s classy and elegant, easy on the eye and easy to navigate too.

Liz Palmer is clearly an enthusiast whose love for all things champagne shines through on every page. That enthusiasm has served her well, for the task of researching and collating such a massive compendium of facts and figures, tales and anecdotes must have been daunting. To then present it in such a user-friendly fashion is another achievement. The Ultimate Guide is never weighty or intimidating, you can open it at any page, dip in for five minutes – which will turn into an hour – and each time you will come up with another nugget: a fun fact, a historical anecdote, the name of a favoured restaurant, a good place to stay a few nights.

This is not an in-depth treatise weighed down with tinder dry statistics and the like, but rather an impressive assemblage of information and detail that is particularly suited to anybody planning to visit the region. It is commendably thorough and in time it will surely find a place on the bookshelves of all champagne enthusiasts. Liz Palmer’s Ultimate Guide to Champagne does exactly what it says on the tin. And then some.”
Raymond Blake -- Wine Editor, Food & Wine Magazine, Ireland & Author, Breakfast in Burgundy.

“Your book is really impressive - Through this book Liz shows us that the economic success of Champagne is based on passionate people, a long history, landscapes and cities, a real and special “art de vivre!”

After reading this book you will never taste a glass of Champagne the same way”.
Thierry Sabon -Pre´sident de la Fe´de´ration des Syndicats de Producteurs de l’AOCCha^teauneuf-du-Pape

“This is an invaluable reference for the serious student as well as the everyday wine lover, filled as it is with vital statistics and fun facts. Liz has put an enormous amount of work into this book and has striven to include all sorts of information such as places to stay and eat which makes this a one-stop shop, a must-carry for anyone travelling to the region. There is a wealth of information on the region, and the problems it faces, as well as advice on buying, storing and serving and much, much more besides.

I have to confess that I reviewed the soft-copy of this so I don’t know how much it actually weighs but it must be close to being worth its weight in gold in terms of the information contained therein. Well done, Liz – now take a well-earned rest with a glass of some of the finest bubbles you have in your cellar!” Dermot Nolan MW (Master of Wine) – Dublin

“What a titanic work you've done putting this book together! Everything and more that one needs to know about Champagne!”

“The Ultimate Guide to Champagne is exhilarating like ten million Champagne bubbles in your glass. Unlike many books of its genre, the guide urges for action, be it opening a bottle or planning a journey to the world's most fabulous wine region. Liz Palmer's fact-packed pages feature plenty of practical tips, curiosities and even style advice ensuring that the book will be a Champagne lover's best companion on many different occasions.”
Eleonora Scholes, spaziovino.com, Publisher Member of The Grand Jury Europe´en– Russia

“That's what I called The Ultimate Guide! This book must inspire both amateurs and professionals. One could start reading any page and end up by the whole book. From history, science facts and health benefits through tourism and collecting to christening boats, corporate functions, weddings... Vinously good buy!”
Dr. Martin Kristek - Czech Republic

Critics and wine lovers hailed the first book by Liz Palmer, as one of the best Champagne books on the market.

The Ultimate Guide To Champagne is available on Amazon, Kindle, and select book stores.

For further information, images, electronic or hard copy, please contact Liz Palmer at liz@liz-palmer.com or visit http://www.liz-palmer.com.


Note to editors:

The Ultimate Guide To Champagne was published by Liz Palmer Media Group October 2016 Paris, New York and Toronto, Canada.

The book designer is Paris-based agency Hachetag Co. http://www.hachetag.com


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