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Cooking oil is available in liquid form and solid form. You should choose the most appropriate oil so that there will be nutrition as well as taste.

Cooking oil is available in liquid form and solid form. You should choose the most appropriate oil so that there will be nutrition as well as taste.

There are vegetable-based oils and animal-based oils. Butter and lard come under the animal-based oils. Olive oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and palm oil are some of the vegetable-based oils. Olive oil has special characteristics which make it the most sought after cooking oil in the world. You can cook delicious and nutritious food by using high-quality olive oil.

Health benefits

Olive oil has a nickname ‘liquid gold’. It can be used to prepare better food items and to enhance your skin health as well.

The following benefits are available with olive oil:

  •        Enhanced skin care
  •        Health hair
  •        Nail health
  •        Healthy mind
  •        Controls cholesterol
  •        Strengthens bones

Olive oil use will lead to the enhancement of the skin condition. The oil has great characteristics. The presence of vitamin-E in the oil will improve the moisture level in the skin.

It is possible to improve skin health by treating inflammation, acne and protection of skin from serious ailments. Virgin olive oil can be used to remove the makeup as well.  

Healthy Cooking

You should choose the healthiest cooking oil so that the risk of various kinds of diseases can be reduced. The taste and nutrition derived from the food items are based on the ingredients, usage of right proportion of ingredients, right cooking process and timing. Experts will be able to follow these guidelines and produce some of the amazing food items available in the market. Housewives who are conscious about the nutrition proportion of ingredients will prepare food items so that they will ensure the health of family members is very much enhanced.

By using low cholesterol cooking oil, the risk of heart diseases can be reduced. Most of the oils in the Indian market are prepared with saturated fat which is unhealthy. The trend can be reversed by using cooking oil which is high in Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid. The oil has high oxidative stability.

Best cooking oil

When you chose the best olive oil, the natural nutritive compounds will be retaining for long even though you go for deep frying. The oil will be less absorbed and it will be cost-effective and healthy as well.

By using healthiest cooking oil, you can shed excess weight by burning the unnecessary fat presented in the body. The accumulation of new fat will be prevented by using right kind of oil.

There will be an improvement in metabolism so that the digestion system will work at optimum level. The antioxidants present in the oil will ensure that cell health is very much enhanced. The damage of the skin will be prevented.

People who have diabetes can use extra virgin oil as it can reduce the bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol without any issues. You will also get a small amount of saturated fat, and the development of insulin resistance will take place. 


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