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TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is providing extensive range of herbal powder extracts using latest technology. All these products offer a cost-effective healthy lifestyle solution.

China; 20, December 2016: People are now again showing tremendous enthusiasm to buy natural powders that are usually manufactured from the extracts of plants and fungus. TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a company that is specialized in producing various types of plant extract powders to offer a cost-effective solution to different health problems. Each and every health product of this company is strictly in line with the prescribed international criteria. The firm imposes stringent quality control supervision to raise the quality of its herbal products to deliver highest level of satisfaction to global customers. It comes with sophisticated equipment and technology to easily meet the distinct need of every client on a priority basis.

This China-based agency is a reputed supplier of horny goat weed extract powder that contains different specifications of icariin with other compounds like epimedin A, epimedin B, aromatic acid etc. This powder extract is commonly used for the treatment of erectile function and impotence. It is very suitable for chronic arthralgia, weak tendons, and bones due to the disease affecting liver and kidney. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that this extract and its active ingredients have a wide-range of physiological activity with many new applications and effects. The extract contains flavonoids that can inhibit the strength and frequency of atrial muscle. It will normally take several days to witness the sexual benefits of this natural extract on human health.

The company also exports superior-grade of Sting Nettle extract powder which was once used as a diuretic and to treat joint pain in medieval Europe. Nowadays many people use this herbal extract to treat urinary problems during the early stages of an enlarged prostate. It is also used for urinary tract infection, hay fever, insect bites, treating strains, and so on. Preliminary research suggests that this product helps to fight colon cancer. This extract contains many useful elements that include Oleanolic acid, Ursolic acid and other useful substances to combat different problems.

The firm exports Cistanche extract powder that is often used as a reliable pharmaceutical agent to cure Alzheimer’s disease. It also supplements rental function, treats impotence, fertility, menstrual disorder, and other complicated health problems. It is very suitable for senile constipation that normally happens due to blood deficiency and fluid consumption with intestinal dryness. It increases the immune function of the body to minimize the negative impacts of bacteria and viruses on the general health system. The company ensures timely delivery of orders in good conditions all over the world.

About Xi’an TCM Adaptogen Warehouse:

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a professional manufacturer and supplier of natural products made from plant extracts. All these products ensure robust health system. For more information, customers can visit website of this company.

For Media Contact:
TCM Adaptogen Warehouse
Tel: +8613669197791
Email: info@pine-pollen-powder.com
Website: www.pine-pollen-powder.com


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