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How to go for outer kimono?
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The outer kimono will be very long and it can be used on layers. Kimono-type of dressing facilitates layering. You will be able to wear various kinds of undergarments in an effortless manner.

 There is a meaning with each kind of kimono layer. Special kinds of dresses are worn during Japanese festivals. People attend festivals by wearing a kimono. The word ‘Kimono’ gives the meaning, clothing. However, in recent past, it is used for traditional Japanese clothing. The current generation kimonos’ history dates back to Heian period (794-1192).

Development of the outfit

During Nara period Japanese people wore separate upper and lower garments. They are called as trousers and skirts. With the introduction of new kimono-making technique during the Heian period, pieces of fabric were cut in straight lines. These straight-line-cut pieces are joined by applying a new sewing technique.

The traditional long kimono goes through modern stitching techniques as well as hand stitching. The kimono was prepared without considering the shape of the body. If you go for a straight-line cut, it can be folded very easily. There will be great warmth during the winter season by wearing a kimono. The fabric will be made with breathable material so that you will be able to make the most of your investment. There are certain advantages with an outfit which is prepared with breathable material. You will be able to wear for long hours without any issues.

Layering kimonos

With the development of high sensitivity to color, layering has become quite common in Japanese clothing. There were seasonal colors and political class embraced these new variations in dressing styles. Colorful kimonos were worn during Kamakura period (1192-1338) and Muromachi period (1338-1573). During the Edo period (1603-1868), a kimono consisting of three parts were worn. These three parts are kimono, kamishimo (sleeveless garment) and hakama (trouser-like split skirt).

At the moment, Japanese people do not wear kimonos on daily basis. They wear traditional long kimono as well as designer-wear on special events. You can find people clad with kimonos on weddings, ceremonies, festivities and funerals. They are worn on formal tea ceremonies as well. As kimono is very expensive, some people go for rental options. They will be able to manage the outfit for few hours.

As you go through the reputed online shop, you will be able to figure out traditional as well as modern versions of kimonos and the most appropriate outfit can be ordered without any issues. You should be aware of the techniques to accentuate your beauty by wearing right kind of accessories. As you wear original accessories, authentic looks can be delivered. Pronouncing your style statement without any issues is possible.

You can purchase high-quality outfit from a reputed brand so that there will not be any issues. After going through the product guide and reviews, it is possible to pick up the best wardrobe that gives you great comfort. There are affordable items which can be ordered online and you can maintain them very easily by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 


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